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The Alphabet Pre-School (TAPS)

The Alphabet Pre-School aims to provide children 2 - 5 years with enough opportunity to explore their environment and themselves, by using the specially designed curriculum.
This we believe will give the children a sound foundation which they will be able to use on entry to their primary schools.

The education of a child at every stage is a partnership between the Pre-School and the parents, who are the prime educators at this stage.
The family is an important support unit and we view close co-operation and communication with parents in understanding and encouraging the development of their child as fundamental..

The Aim of The Alphabet Pre-School curriculum is to encourage learning and development, but not only through educational play. TAPS have developed an approach which encourage children at an early age to be;

1 - Problem Solvers
2 - Decision Makers
3 - Independent

The Subject Syllabus includes;

1. Number Work (1-10 and beyond)
2. Basic English (including spelling)
3. Reading
4. French
5. Art
6. Science
7. Swimming (ASA Duckling Award)
8. Gymnastics (BAGA Award Scheme)
9. Educational Play