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Teachers Aide

The Teachers Aide Scheme began as CYPA sought to redress the racial imbalance in the teaching profession, by increasing the level of black and minority students choosing teaching as a career.

CYPA recognised that the repeated failure of the local education department to recruit and retain black teachers is demonstrated by the behaviour, performance and problems displayed daily by black children in the areas schools.

The Teachers Aide Scheme was launched following a successful pilot period. The pre-access level training provided to wholly unqualified local trainees wanting to attain practical and theoretical experience in Teaching and Child Development.

Each Trainee follows a ‘Personal Development Plan’ whilst training on the one year full time course, including placement in a local school.

More than 50% of the students recruited have gone on to various colleges to commence a four year B.A. in Teaching Studies leading to Qualified Teacher Status.

Over the last two decades since its inception the Teachers Aide Scheme has pioneered the need for reduced class sizes and improved teacher : pupil ratios. The early recognition of these isses over the years has led to replication of the service in various forms by both central and local Government and has directly improved the recruitment and development of teachers from black and minority backgrounds.

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Teachers Aide Handbook

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