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In recognition of the importance of a rounded educational curriculum, assistance through the associations ‘After School Classes’ have been made available to the community.

Subjects include; English, Reading, Math, Computers, Gymnastics and Swimming.

The classes have proved successful in helping local children to maintain standards in particular subjects whilst also overcoming individual difficulties in others. For each child in all topic areas progress is regularly assessed.

By providing an atmosphere whereby both children and parents alike feel able to discuss their weaknesses and fears without embarrassment, the children are able to adopt a sense of achievement in relation to their own individual capabilities.

The support and active participation of parents is encouraged at all times, as is the need to liaise and integrate with the areas mainstream schools.

Throughout the years of social and educational provision in this area it is undoubtedly clear that most benefits from services offered have been derived by children from black and minority groups.

Autumn Term Timetable

Spring Term Timetable

Summer Term Timetable